The perks of being a Midwife.

My hands smell of babies and milk. This is the world of a midwifery student and a nurse.

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How much is that in pounds?

2700 grams is about 5 lb. 4460 grams is about 9 lb. :)

This week is a busy week! I’m back at the delivery ward, these are my last clinicals. Feels kinda weird, and sad, but I’m so proud of myself!

So Monday and Friday were kinda busy because we had a lot of planned cesareans and I mostly worked in the OR and ICU. The delivery ward was almost empty. I had one patient on Monday, but she ended up giving birth 6 hours after I left. She was really nice though. 

Today was.. different. All of our delivery rooms were full. My first patient was a young girl. She had her husband with her and her mother. It was really nice. Her mom is a nurse (she works in the psychiatry ward), so she was really helpful. The husband was amazing too. he stayed with her, held her hands, encouraged her, they both masssaged her. It was really nice. :)

Then I had three more patients. I was running from one room to another. All three cartiotocographs were showing bradycardia. The first one went really quick, she gave birth soon after the pulse dropped, so everything went okay. The second one was okay too, the pulse raised and she gave birth about 30 minutes later. I was quite afraid for the last one. The pulse dropped and stayed at 95 for about 10 minutes, then raised, but started decelerating during contractions. One of the doctors wanted to wait to see what happens, the other one wanted to do a vacuum extraction. We decided to wait 10 more minutes. Luckily she gave birth. The baby was okay, but it was huge! Her first child had 2700 grams at birth, this one has 4460 grams! That’s a big difference. She was really tired at the end, but we motivated her and she did it. :)

I was so relieved that everything turned out okay for everybodyi n the end. 

Otherwise I’m okay. I finish wih clinicals on Saturday,then I have my final practical on Thursday and then I’m done for the year. 

How’s everyone doing?


A teddy bear made from a placenta - yes sir. Designer Alex Green’s “Twin Teddy Kit” gives the instructions on how to make your own.

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I know I’ve been neglecting you people, but I’ve started my final clinicals on the L&D ward yesterday. I’m exhausted. 

I promise I’ll write everything down tomorrow!

How have you guys been doing? What’s new? 

Love you all!


HENRIQUE {13 dias}

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William Smellie: A sett of anatomical tables, with explanations, and an abridgment, of the practice of midwifery

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Breast cancer

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A nurse is looking for a vein on the hand of a premature baby.

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This vintage diagram depicting an old school method of placenta extraction is a little intense, but too interesting not to share.

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Working on it

I’m there!!



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